New Service Request

Welcome to the Rural Water District #8 McClain County

At this time we are working on a request form for a new water tap, that you will be able to submit online and ease this process along better.

In the meantime, if you are in need of a water tap we ask that you come into the office with at least a legal description of your property, so we can determine if there is a service line in your area. If you are certain that there is a Rural Water District #8 McClain County water line at your location we will need the following to proceed.

1. A Benefit Unit (Tap) is $2500.00

2. A warranty deed for the property you wish to supply water to ( you must be the property owner in order to obtain a benefit unit (tap) from Rural Water District #8 McClain County

3. A perk test or soil test

4. A little bit of info such as billing address, phone number, etc....

5. We will have the tap set on the main line near your propery within 30 days. Everything from the tap to your home will be your responsibility. We will not deposit your membership fee until your tap is set in the ground.